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Why Take Care of Your Diabetes?

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You may have heard people say they have “a touch of diabetes” or that their “sugar is a little high.” These words suggest that diabetes is not a serious disease. That is not correct. Diabetes is serious, but you can learn to manage it.

People with diabetes need to make healthy food choices, stay at a healthy weight, move more every day, and take their medicine even when they feel good. It’s a lot to do.It’s not easy, but it’s worth it!

Taking care of yourself and your diabetes can help you feel good today and in the future. When your blood sugar (glucose) is close to normal, you are likely to:

  • Have more energy
  • Be less tired and thirsty
  • Need to pass urine less often
  • Heal better
  • Have fewer skin or bladder infections

You will also have less chance of having health problems caused by diabetes such as:

  • Heart Attack or Stroke
  • Eye Problems that can lead to trouble seeing or going blind
  • Pain, tingling, or numbness in your hands and feet, also called nerve damage
  • Kidney problems that can cause your kidneys to stop working
  • Teeth and gum problems

Actions You Can Take

  • check markAsk your health care team what type of diabetes you have.
  • check markLearn where you can go for support.
  • check markLearn how caring for your diabetes helps you feel good today and in the future.

You can learn more about diabetes health by joining a support group to get peer support with managing your diabetes.

Ruby A. Neeson Diabetes Awareness Foundation, Inc. is a Georgia-based nonprofit charitable organization heightening diabetes awareness and prevention through education, community outreach programs, and advocacy support.

We are dedicated and committed to creating supportable, sustainable opportunities for those affected by diabetes.

For information on services and organization opportunities, please visit www.fightdiabetesnow.org.

Fight Diabetes Now- Together We Can Win!


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